Funny Pics

wops i broke ithehe i did it

wops i broke it


blue prints

mr bad

Hi guys,

I just made a brand new page called the Funny Pics!You can come and visit this page to get a little laugh!

Here are the Funny Pics:

The owl is gone for a nap!

Forest Funny Pic

Ahh!A rock can talk!

Funny Pic

Where’s the band?

Lighthouse Fnny Pic

That dude is throwing snowballs at the floor because he’s mad at the floor!

Snow Fort Funny Pic

He has been waiting for 5 hours to Sled Race!

Ski Hill Funny Pic

He says that he’s not a Ninja,but he has Ninja Powers!

Ninja Funny Pic

The DJ can’t do his job because no ones there!

DJ Funny Pic

He has been waiting for a waitor for a while now and he has to eat a pizza alone because he has no one and he’s dateless!

Pizza Funny Pic

yayyay was not famous so were taking him to jail

yayyay wanted

the penguin band broke up

pb seprate

they cady taste weird

my cousins got emails


um i should watch tv more

Well that’s all the Funny Pics!If any other workers have Funny Pics please post them on this page!Thank you!Hope you enjoy all the Funny Pics!More Pics will be added soon!


2 Responses

  1. Yeah man we rule

  2. Lol!Yup!These funny Pics you guys posted are AWESOME!

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