Featured Penguins

Hey Penguins!

Everyone loves to be featured on a website, right? Well, every week I will be choosing a new penguin. There are different catagories for these things:

  • Style
  • Rareness
  • Creativity
  • Background and Pin.

If you always ask me to make you a featured penguin, there’s a chance that you never will be. Simply comment your name and I will look into your penguin and see if you have what it takes. I can simply type a name of your penguin and see what outfit you’re wearing! So… Good luck!


  •  Edgar650


  •  Tenkaichi123





Top Penguins = You exceed my expectations and you have what it takes.

Good Penguin = You have what it takes, but you didn’t try that hard.



10 Responses

  1. cool can i be there dorian
    Very impressive! You have been added to… Find out! 😛

  2. woohoo im a cool penguin

  3. Hey Dorian!!! Can u add me to the list????
    Dorian1453 says:
    Sure! I will add you to Top Penguins…

  4. dorian can u put on therr

  5. Lol!Cool new page Dorian!

  6. cool i want to be featured

  7. dorian i want to be on the featured penguins

  8. can i be featured on ur penguins.
    MY penguin name is erix1

  9. can i be a fetured penguin? 😉

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