Christmas Party Update

Hey Penguins!

I haven’t posted in a while!I have been totally busy!

Anyways, Club Penguin made an update on the Christmas Party(Sorry for the post being so late!)!The party will go on from December 18th to 27th.

Here’s a Sneak Peak from CP:

Well that’s all for now!Hope you have a great HOLIDAY!

Norman Swarm stays?

Hey Penguins!

Okay, it’s been over a month since Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed started… I think Club Penguin mentioned it only goes on until December 10th. Well, apparently not! Here’s a picture in the newspaper that says it ends on December 10th:

Club Penguin, I think it’s time for the Quest for the Golden Puffle to start. Maybe it has been held back until the 18th, but all I know is that Club Penguin might have forgot!

Let us know what you think about this theory!


*Series 3 Coin Code Release/Contest!!!

Hey Penguin’s!

Guess What?On Thursday evening,right after Swimming,I went to Toys R Us and bought a Club Penguin Green Puffle Plush Toy!The toy was  a Series 3(I wanted to get  a Series 5,but they haven’t got it where  I am!),so that means that I have a Series 3 Coin Code!

So I was wondering ,what should I do with it?Well my decision was not to use it and maybe throw a contest with it or just making a release when no one’s online or something…..So I need you guys to tell me what I should do with it….So vote on the poll below!

Well that’s all for now and remember to vote!

CP 4th Year Anniversary Party Sneak Peak

Hey Penguin’s!

I never had a chance to post this yesterday because I was really busy!

Anyways……….Club Penguin’th 4 Year Anniversary Party is this Saturday and it’s 1 DAY ONLY!!!CLub Penguin gave us a sneak peak!I think it’s a sneak peak for the new year book.

Take a look:


Anyways….That’s all!Please comment!

New Furniture Sneak Peak

Hey Penguin’s!

Yesterday,Billybob made a new post,but I didn’t get a chance to post it again!

Anyways……….Billybob made a new post about the Better Igloos Catalog for October!He managed to get a sneak peak for us to see.

Here it is:

Picture 35

The item and the catalog will come out this Friday.

I think it’s related to the Halloween theme and for the Halloween Igloo Contest.I also think it’s like some kind of gate.It’s really fancy and kinda spooky.

In the mean time Club Penguin will be adding the Submit Button in your igloos on October 16th for the Halloween Igloo Contest.

Well that’s all for now,Oh and also HAPPY LATE CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!!!