Christmas Party Update

Hey Penguins!

I haven’t posted in a while!I have been totally busy!

Anyways, Club Penguin made an update on the Christmas Party(Sorry for the post being so late!)!The party will go on from December 18th to 27th.

Here’s a Sneak Peak from CP:

Well that’s all for now!Hope you have a great HOLIDAY!

CP 4th Year Anniversary Party Sneak Peak

Hey Penguin’s!

I never had a chance to post this yesterday because I was really busy!

Anyways……….Club Penguin’th 4 Year Anniversary Party is this Saturday and it’s 1 DAY ONLY!!!CLub Penguin gave us a sneak peak!I think it’s a sneak peak for the new year book.

Take a look:


Anyways….That’s all!Please comment!

New Log In Screen

Hey Penguin’s!

There has been a new log in screen and I took the pic yesterday,but never got a chance to post it,but now I can!

Anyway’s……….Here’s the pic:

New Log In Page

It appears to be an advertizement for Halloween!!!

Let me know what you think of it!Also keep an heads up for Dorian1453’s Mini Party clues!


Mysterious Dark Clouds

Hey Penguin’s!

I know I was supposed to be posting regularly and on time,but my cough got really worse and I’m also sneezing now and I don’t know why,but I got some strong,good medicine.I am also too busy with school and swimming now too.Also because it’s colder here because it started snowing here in Fall(Autumn).

Anyways………In the Dojo Courtyard,there has been strange,mysterious Dark Clouds!I have no idea how it came from,but the only suspect I have it has to do something with our new journey and the volcano that erupted and is smoking.

Here is a picture of the Dojo Courtyard I took yesterday(That I didn’t have a chance to post):

Mysterious Dark Clouds

(The pic might not be clear,so sorry for the inconvenience!)

Also if you go into the Ninja Hideout you can see the lights are on same with the Dojo Courtyard!I circled it in red!

Here’s a pic of thee Ninja Hideout that I took yesterday(I also never had to chance to post this too):

Mysterious Light

(Sorry if the pic is not clear!)

Well that’s all for now!Also keep a heads up for the Mini Party that Dorian is hosting by giving out clues right here!


Double the trouble!

Hey Penguins!

Billybob posted a post on the What’s New Blog and he gave us a sneak peek of the Halloween Party 2009. It looks like the Mine, and its going to be for members only! Get your memberships now before its too late!

Lime Green Mine Clean. Lolz that rymthes.

Club Penguin’s 4th Birthday is on October 24, 2009. Wow! It seems like it was just yesterday when I was asking penguins how to walk… 😛

I’m having a Coin Code Giveaway sometime later today… Follow me on twitter for more hints, tips, and clues. 😀