Holiday Party Is Here!

Hey Penguin’s!

I see that Dorian1453 has officially launched Self-Hosting on the site!As Dorian1453 promised we will have new pages coming soon!Also I’m off to Winter Break,so I will be on the computer often now!

Anyways, Club Penguin has officially launched the Christmas Party!Dorian1453 has told me that Club Penguin has a lot of lights,gifts and surprises,so I think you guys should better go on Club Penguin right now, before the party is over!Club Penguin decided to call the Christmas Party,the Holiday Party because at this time of the year lots of different people celebrate different holidays!

Also,the Igloo Contests started today,so get your Penguin feet off and start submitting your Igloo Designs until December 20th!Also the last day for Coins For Change is on December 20th so raise enough money to donate to the causes this year!

Well,have a Happy Holiday and a Very Merry Christmas and Winter!


New CP Wallpaper & Banner

Hey Penguins!

I just found a new CP Wallpaper and Banner!Check them out:

Party Banners

Well that’s all for now!

Christmas Party Update

Hey Penguins!

I haven’t posted in a while!I have been totally busy!

Anyways, Club Penguin made an update on the Christmas Party(Sorry for the post being so late!)!The party will go on from December 18th to 27th.

Here’s a Sneak Peak from CP:

Well that’s all for now!Hope you have a great HOLIDAY!

Exclusive Club Penguin Series 6 Mix & Match Figures!

Hey Penguins!

I was browsing through the web, and I found what surprised me, Disney Club Penguin Series 6 Figurines! They look so cool, so have a peek at them!

Surfer Dude & Viking:

Hockey Player and Figure Skater:

There are probably more coming, but there is very little known about Series 6!




Norman Swarm stays?

Hey Penguins!

Okay, it’s been over a month since Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed started… I think Club Penguin mentioned it only goes on until December 10th. Well, apparently not! Here’s a picture in the newspaper that says it ends on December 10th:

Club Penguin, I think it’s time for the Quest for the Golden Puffle to start. Maybe it has been held back until the 18th, but all I know is that Club Penguin might have forgot!

Let us know what you think about this theory!



Hey Penguin’s!

I have really BAD news!I haven’t been posting in a long time because I couldn’t go on Club Penguin anymore!When I ever try logging on,it would never let me!I tried emailing Club Penguin Support Staff,but they have to answer me back to fix the problem!I haven’t plyaed Club Penguin for a month now,and I’m worried that’ll I’ll never get to play Club Penguin ever again1So maybe I have to quit!I’m not sure!

Until I can play Club Penguin again!Then I’ll make a decision on what I should do with the coin code!

Also I will be on my chat and Dorian’s chat!

Well for now!See ya Penguin’s!