About Us

Hey Penguins!

This is the new site of www.clone787.com or known as www.cpeventer.wordpress.com. We decided to make this site because Paintboy100,also known as Drigerbest, hacked the old site.So we made this new site, www.dorian1453.com or known as www.cloneisback.wordpress.com. After this site got 300 hits Clone787 who owned the old site, got the old site back, but we still work here because we like this site better.The site members here are Dorian1453, the owner,and me,Agent15642.We both are Admins on this site.

Now,check out our profiles!

About Agent15642:

Hi Penguins!My name is Agent15642!I’m 11 years old and I live in Canada in Alberta and I’m not going to say which City I live in!My favorite things to do is to Play Sports,Play Club Penguin,Hang Out With My Friends,Chatting with Fans and Team Members on the chats!I don’t have my own site anymore because I quit that site and I will be working here from now on!I don’t play Club Penguin anymore either because my computer doesn’t allow me to log on to Club Penguin,but I still will be posting Club Penguin Cheats from the Club Penguin Blog!My best CP Friends are: Dorian1453,Alex Bl 17,Taddle1,Clone787,Yayyay9, and Mudge91.!Well that’s all for now!


Dorian1453’s Profile will come soon…..


2 Responses

  1. agent, i though we were friends (again) lol
    Agent15642:Lol!!!I was in a hurry to type it!I’ll add you!

  2. Hi!
    Do you wana be on each other blogrolls? My site is LINK REMOVED Comment back if you wanna be on each others blogroll!
    Agent15642:Yes I do want to work on your blog!Now mainly I will be working here and there!

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