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Hey Penguins!

Rockhopper’s here for some time, and he’s been spotted on several different servers! Here’s a tracker that updates right away when I find him, you can also comment if you find him because that really helps! 🙂

::Rockhopper Tracker::

Room: JUST LEFT ICEBERG!!! Tracking…

Server: JUST LEFT SNOW PLOW!!! Tracking…

Last Server Seen: Snow Plow.


How to find Rockhopper!

  • Rockhopper is a red penguin, with a black beard, and a black pirate hat with a puffle on it.
  • Rockhopper’s favorite servers are: Blizzard, Frozen, Sleet, Mammoth.
  • Rockhopper is usually seen in a very large crowd, and is usually located in rooms that are full.
  • Rockhopper cannot add you.
  • Rockhopper can be seen in many different rooms: The Dock, The Beach, The Town, The Snow Forts, The Cove. His favorite place is The Pizza Parlor.
  • Rockhopper is currently giving back an autographed background from last year. The ID is 959.
  • He is sometimes seen walking a red puffle
  • He is sometimes seen telling stories.

Here is a picture of him at the Pizza Parlour on server Snow Board:

This is what Rockhopper’s Playercard looks like:

I hope these tips have helped you! Have fun searching for Rockhopper!




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  2. Lots of guys write about this topic but you said some true words!

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