Club Penguin Newspaper: Issue #215

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I was taking a little break. 🙂 Well, I’m back! So here’s the newspaper cheats!

First of all, check out the awesome front cover!

A new game has been released on Monday! It’s called Card-Jitsu: Fire! I will be getting a tin on Friday if they are in stores already! 😛

The A-mazing Snow Maze is coming on Friday! With a free item! Will it be the rare ice skates?

Coins for Change is returning on December 11th. Donate some virtual coins and they will add up to a real life cost to those who need food/shelter/water, etc.

How do we get a job? Well, if you’re interested in being a Tour Guide and helping new players out, visit the Ski Village and click the Tour Booth. You need to be around 30 days old to join, so if you just started, explore Club Penguin and come back later to take the Quiz!

Okay, so what’s coming up?

November 27: New Racing Sleds, New Snow & Sports Catalog, Snow Maze.

December 4-31: New Penguin Style Catalogue.

December 11: New Postcards!

And coming soon for the 100th time, the Quest for the Golden Puffle! Probably December 11, because Norman Swarm ends December 10th. 😉

That’s all the cheats! Awesome updates! Check later for the Maze Cheats! Usually I’m pretty good with mazes… LOL! Not corn mazes… Aw well! I’ll try!



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