Hey Penguin’s!

I have really BAD news!I haven’t been posting in a long time because I couldn’t go on Club Penguin anymore!When I ever try logging on,it would never let me!I tried emailing Club Penguin Support Staff,but they have to answer me back to fix the problem!I haven’t plyaed Club Penguin for a month now,and I’m worried that’ll I’ll never get to play Club Penguin ever again1So maybe I have to quit!I’m not sure!

Until I can play Club Penguin again!Then I’ll make a decision on what I should do with the coin code!

Also I will be on my chat and Dorian’s chat!

Well for now!See ya Penguin’s!


2 Responses

  1. maybe its your computer, not your penguin. try going on at a library, or friends house, and see if it works.
    Agent15642:Yeah!I think so too!I think I need the new Adobe Flash Player!

  2. umm but what does it say when u log in
    Agent15642:Well it says ” Game Temporarily Unavailable.Please Try Agin After 10 Minutes “!

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