Exclusive Fire Journey News!

Hey Penguins!

This is SO unexpected! Check out what Club Penguin is planning! A new game for member ninjas, AND new trading cards! Wow!!! 😀


Check out an exclusive sneak peek of what the Volcano will look like! :O


Hmm… Does this picture look familiar? Perhaps it is the entrance to the Volcano.


I think the new game will be exactly like Card-Jitsu, but for members only AND with different cards.

If you noticed, on the floor there’s a type of amulet in the Ninja Hideout. The amulet on the floor looks a lot like the amulet we are building!


Now, take a look at the Gold Amulet!


Also, do you think there will be 3 journeys? One for fire, one for water, and one for snow. Maybe! Also, we might be able to bring puffles with us…

Fire = Black Puffle

Water = Pink Puffle

Snow = White Puffle

Okay, so the Fire Journey is coming soon! It looks like we’ll be able to defeat ninjas in an all new game… HOT STUFF!!! 😉

It will come this month I hope!!! More information as soon as I can get some!!!



2 Responses

    Lol! Yeah, his costume is pretty neat! 😉

  2. i cant wait

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