Club Penguin Times Issue #212

Hey Ninjas!

Today is Thursday, and you know what that means! No, not time to get a new watch… Time to read the new edition of the Penguin Times. Here’s the front cover:


Somehow, Sensei’s Amulet has calmed the Volcano down. Check out Sensei holding an amulet, with a weird rock (or gem) in the middle.


Is there a new game coming? Read this:


A new stage play comes on November 13! There will be a new room, and you will need to help others find secrets! Maybe this is about all the mysterious gnomes… Who knows!


I am going to skip to the Up-Coming Events. πŸ˜›

  • November 6 – December 3: New Penguin Style! (Will they bring back the pink toque?)
  • November 6 – New Pin! πŸ™‚
  • November 13 – December 10: Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed (Biggest stage play yet?)
  • November 13 – New postcards! Sweet!
  • November 20 – New Better Igloos Catalog!

Okay… So we reached 3,000 hits! Check out this invite I made!



  • Dorian1453

I have no idea who is coming yet, so please comment and I will make you a special guest! πŸ™‚

I gave you all a weeks notice so that EVERYONE will know! πŸ˜›



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  1. yeah i might come

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