Hey Penguins!

I see that our hits are raising up very high and fast!So I want that to keep on happening!So KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Anyways I haven’t been posting a while again because I got the H1N1 flu!I’m not sure if I do,but I might and I’m going to go ask the doctor today!After I feel better I will start posting again!

Dorian1453 and Alex Bl 17 are doing an aweomse ob on posting new cheats I have been watching!

Anyways,I got to go!


One Response

  1. :O you got swine flu?!!?!? I got the shot today. hope you feel better 😦
    Agent15642:No!I don’t,the doctor said I just got a little bit of caughing that’s all!Also I’m getting the H1N1 Flu Shots on Saturday!

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