4th year anniversary party extended!

Hey guys, its Alex BL 17! Club penguin decided to extend the 4th year anniversary party, because it was down for so long yesterday! heres what they said:
Hello Penguins!

You guys really know how to celebrate! We’ve heard from lots of you that you’re having a great time at the 4th Anniversary Party and we’re thankful for everyone’s excitement.

We know that it’s been tough to get into Club Penguin today and we apologize that some of you haven’t been able to get to the party yet. We’re working really hard to fix the problem – We’re going to leave it up an extra day so that more of you have a chance to enjoy it!

Your patience is really appreciated – and we hope that if you haven’t had a chance already, you’ll join in the fun…

Until then…Happy 4th Anniversary (and Waddle on)!

-Club Penguin Team

Well now we get to party even longer, how exciting! so the party will end tommorrow, so one more day to party it out!
Thats all for now, so waddle on!
~Alex Bl 17~


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  1. Lol!Cool!I guess I can only post on the weekdays!

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