Clone… is back!?

Hey Penguins!

Our long lost friend “Clone787” has returned after we all thought that he quit. Drigerbest took over the website and Clone787 is back! I am so happy for him! 🙂

This has been CONFIRMED. Welcome back Clone787!



2 Responses

  1. realy clone is back woohooo
    Dorian1453 says:
    I know! It’s so awesome!

  2. i rather Drigerbest he was much cooler and even if he hacked the site he stillwas a VERY GOOD FRIEND!!!!!!
    Clone787 started blogging with a domain ( and he was doing good for a couple of years. Drigerbest got the password and removed me, Agent15642, Bdffgh, Alex Bl 17, and many more. Drigerbest aka Paintboy277 used to work there.

    Its a long story, but I’m sure everything doesn’t last forever. We will all miss Drigerbest and Clone787. Who cares if they have done bad things in the past.

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