Domain & CSS!

Hey Penguins!

Today, I got a new domain and I purchased some CSS for this website. You can now view the website by going to!

All administrators will become authors.

I am looking for CSS experts as well, so if you’re interested, write a comment.



3 Responses

  1. I’m good at css! i even have it for my site! Make me a css editor!
    Okay. Please contact me with some examples.

  2. How come we are authors now? I made you an admin on my site!
    Many of the administrators were not posting frequently, so I decided to make everyone authors. Make posts and you’ll become a higher rank.

  3. dude i saw on chat you found out the logo font! Can you tell me it?
    Schedule an appointment with me on the chat. I also don’t wanna let everyone know, this is a rare font.

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