The Playercard & New Pin?

Hey Penguins!

I was browsing through a few of my SWF Files, and I found the SWF of the Interface. The Interface is everything that’s on the main screen (the map, the chatbar, the playercard…)

I found a strange question mark on one of the playercards, and I think its for the moderators. The moderators can click that question mark and it will send them to a special section on the Club Penguin website where they can edit your account (if you try going there, it redirects you to Club Penguin’s Homepage due to the fact that its only available to certain IP Addresses.)


That’s a cool new feature! I wonder when they added that?! If you want it without a watermark, email me!

I was also playing Club Penguin when Club Penguin accidentally released the new Club Penguin pin, that was planned to be released on Friday, October 9th.

To me, it looks the the Walt Disney Princess Castle from Disneyland. Hmm… Why is there going to be a Castle Pin? I mean, we already have a Sandcastle Pin, right?


Wow… It sure looks like a new pin to me! It’s going to be at the Dock! So go there on Friday! The pin ID is 7002.



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