*Absense & Contest Update

Hey Penguin’s!

You guys must of known or noticed I haven’t been posting much lately and not being on the chat around anymore either…..Welll….It is because I have been sick for 2 weeks now,but I have been drinking medicine and feeling a lot better.I will be starting to post maybe today or tomorrow.Sometimes I might not post early because I might be at school or I migght be going swimming after school.

I hope you’re not too disappointed!

Also our 1 Month Membership Contest is going pretty well,but only 2 people entered,and I’m kinda disappointed about that!Also the Contest is going to end today mid-night,but it won’t be closed because I will be asleep at that time!One more thing about the contest the Winner will recieve the Membership Code and a CP Penguin Password & Username in their email,but I’m not sure about when because Yayyay9 is supposed to be emailing it to the winner,but I couldn’t get a hold with him,so it might take a month or two to email the code for you.

Also our HITS are really dropping down now!I am really upset with that too.If we want to be like our old site www.clone787.com, that has been out of domain,but now link is www.cpeventer.wordpress.com, that has been run by Drigerbest who is Paintboy100 who hacked the site and deleted all of us……We must work hard to advertize this site and keep visiting this site more often,like,maybe 5 times a day here or so.

Well that’s all for now!


One Response

  1. Dude, its not paintboy100, its paintboy277.
    Dorian1453 says:
    Thanks for the correction. Hehe! 😉

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