*Posting Really Soon!

Hey Penguin’s!

You all know I made a post called ” Sorry”  and it mentioned me posting a lot soon!But I’m not doing that very well!Dorian is starting to loose his buisiness and is starting to post as well!

We will be making Contests as well!Infact we have a contest going on right now!But not much people have entered!We want you guys to enter!Also our rest of our team members are not posting much either!We want all of our Team Members to start posting cheats!Good Job posting Alex Bl 17 and Yayyay9,but we want you guys to post more cheats as well as the other Team Members!We want to raise our hits on this site,but not many people know about this site!So who ever visits this site please advertize and we will Really Appreciate it!

We will be excpeting Donations!(I just wanted to mention that!)

Also I will be starting to post tomorrow!I promise!If I don’t,then please Forgive Me!

Well that’s all for now Penguin’s!


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