Hello Penguins!

Our team is really Sorry for not posting cheats a lot lately!We will be trying our hardest to post more cheats!

I can’t post much cheats because I’m dealing with Personal Life like School and Homework!So I’m a lot busy with chores too!I also have to run my CHAT!

Dorian is the busiest of the wole team because he has to run a lot of things like running the site,running the forums and running his own Flash Game!By the way if you want to play his game CLICK HERE!He also has to run his CHAT!Dorian is really busy,but he’s an awesome friend!

I’m not sure of the other team members what they do!

We will be posting from now on!If we don’t post much!We are really Sorry!

Well See Ya Penguins!

Dorian1453’s edit: Hey Penguins… Well, school has SADLY started (well, for me, anyways…) most of you start on Tuesday, but I start on a Thursday. WHICH IS WEIRD. But I get 2 weeks off because of the OLYMPICS :-)!!!

Oh well, school has always been fun, even WITH the work and homework! Stay in school and be sure to participate in all activities!!! You will be lucky to have learnt everything so you can have a better carreer in the future. ;-]

(Atleast you don’t have to be bored during Summer anymore… School keeps you ocupied!)


Agent15642”s Edit: Well Dorian is right!School does keep you occupied!


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