Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #200!

Hey Penguins!

GUESS WUT!? The 200th issue of the Club Penguin Times is here, and its so exciting!! First of all, here’s the front cover:


Well, there’s 1 day left until the Festival of Flight! It looks like Club Penguin will be flying with a variety of everything! (Jetpacks, balloons, and super-helium!!)


As this is the 200th Issue, Aunt Arctic wrote a whole article about the Club Penguin Times! Here’s a cool fact: The Club Penguin Times were black and white in the day!


The Underwater Adventure is coming to the stage on August 21st! I spotted a fish that I would name Bubblez:


I feel like skipping the 101 Days of Fun, but let’s see what the “Waddle down memory lane” sounds like…


GOLLY! Iz that Aqua Linkz?!

In the “Ask Aunt Arctic” column, she explains what cumulus clouds look likez:


WUT? Iz that an anvil!?

And… The joke of the day iz…

Q: What did the scarf say to teh hat?

A: Go on up ahead while I go around!

Thanks to… Cutiepie6386!!!

Finally, teh up-coming events are here:


Well, that’s all folks.. ‘Till next time, that is. ;-]



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