Aqua Link Spotted!

Hey Penguins!

As this site is still under construction, I am working hard to make this a very cool site!

First of all, I guess I won’t be an admin on Clone787’s site any longer, so I will miss you all! I just have no idea why Clone would give away his site to a sore loser!

Anyways, here’s who I spotted at the Iceberg on server Sleet:

Aqua Link

Also guys, please do not post about you being a new worker. They can see all of the workers on the sidebar called “Who’s on the Crew?” so there’s no need.

Also, the Festival of Flight starts on Friday! Get ready to fly high… (Whatever that might mean…) =]



One Response

  1. Whoas aqua link?
    Dorian1453 says:
    A beta tester!

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